Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is an exhilarating and enjoyable water sport that has gained immense popularity in recent years. With more people discovering the joys of paddle boarding, the need for practical and secure outdoor SUP storage solutions is essential. In this ultimate guide, we will explore various outdoor stand up paddle board storage ideas that will keep your board safe, protected, and easily accessible for your next water adventure.

Weather-Resistant Outdoor Storage Racks

A durable, weather-resistant outdoor storage rack is a must-have for any paddle board enthusiast. These racks are designed to withstand the elements and provide a secure, stable place to store your SUP. Look for a high-quality rack made from materials such as galvanized steel, aluminum, or treated wood that can resist rust, corrosion, and decay. Be sure to anchor the rack securely to a sturdy surface and choose a rack with padded arms or cradles to protect your board from scratches and dents.

Wall-Mounted Outdoor Storage Racks

Wall-mounted outdoor storage racks offer an excellent space-saving solution for storing your stand up paddle board. These racks can be installed on exterior walls, fences, or even the side of a shed, providing easy access to your SUP while keeping it protected from the elements. When selecting a wall-mounted storage rack, ensure that it is designed for outdoor use and made from weather-resistant materials. Additionally, consider the size and weight of your paddle board to choose a rack that can support it securely.

Outdoor Storage Sheds and Lockers

An outdoor storage shed or locker provides a secure, enclosed space for your stand up paddle board, offering protection from both the elements and potential theft. These storage solutions are available in various sizes and materials, such as metal, plastic, or wood, and can accommodate one or multiple paddle boards. Be sure to choose a storage shed or locker with adequate ventilation to prevent moisture buildup and mildew growth, which can damage your SUP.

Protective SUP Covers and Bags

Using a protective cover or bag is crucial for outdoor stand up paddle board storage. A high-quality cover or bag will shield your SUP from harmful UV rays, rain, and other environmental factors that can cause damage. Look for covers made from UV-resistant, waterproof, and durable materials. Ensure the cover fits snugly around your paddle board to provide maximum protection.

Elevated Outdoor Storage Solutions

Elevated storage solutions, such as suspension systems or pulley-based hoist systems, can keep your paddle board off the ground and away from potential hazards while still providing easy access. These systems can be installed on trees, posts, or other outdoor structures and are especially useful for those with limited outdoor storage space. Be sure to choose a suspension or hoist system with a weight capacity suitable for your SUP.


Outdoor SUP storage doesn’t have to be a challenge. By implementing one or more of these outdoor stand up paddle board storage ideas, you can keep your board safe, protected, and easily accessible for your next water excursion. Take the time to evaluate your outdoor space and storage needs, and choose the storage solution that best fits your requirements. Happy paddling!

The Best Stand Up Paddle Boards for Yoga

Stand up paddle boards have become increasingly popular for yoga enthusiasts who are looking for a more challenging and peaceful experience. Paddle board yoga combines the benefits of yoga with the peace of being on the water. The perfect paddle board for yoga is one that is stable, has enough surface area for movement, and is durable enough to handle the occasional fall. After extensive research, we have determined the best stand up paddle boards for you to experience this new trend. These boards have been specifically designed with yoga in mind and provide the stability needed for a safe and comfortable practice. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, our selection of paddle boards will enhance your yoga routine and provide a unique and peaceful experience on the water.

What is SUP yoga?

SUP yoga is a unique and exciting twist on traditional yoga that involves practicing on a stand up paddle board in the water. This fun, challenging and rewarding experience adds a whole new dimension to your yoga practice while providing a refreshing change of scenery every time you paddle out. The paddle board provides an unstable surface, which requires you to use your core muscles to stabilize yourself while performing yoga poses on the board. It improves balance, strengthens the core and provides a feeling of freedom and connection with nature. If you’re looking for an exhilarating way to take your yoga routine to the next level, then SUP yoga is definitely worth a try!

Benefits of SUP yoga

If you’re looking to take your yoga practice to the next level, consider paddle boarding. Stand up paddle boards, or SUPs for short, have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. Combining the physical and mental benefits of yoga with the added bonus of being surrounded by water, SUP yoga offers a truly unique experience. Practicing yoga on a SUP board challenges your balance and stability, forcing you to engage your core muscles and improve your overall body control. The calming effects of being on the water also make SUP yoga a great stress reliever. So if you’re ready to take your yoga practice to new heights, grab a SUP board and hit the water. Your body and mind will thank you.

  • Improves balance
  • Improves flexibility
  • Improves strength
  • Reduces stress

What to look for in a SUP board for yoga

When searching for a stand up paddle board for yoga, there are several key factors to keep in mind. First and foremost, you want a board that is stable and wide enough to comfortably support your yoga poses. Look for one with a wider width, at least 32 inches or greater, for added stability. Additionally, you’ll want a board that is lightweight and easy to carry, especially if you plan on taking it to different locations. Other features to consider include deck padding for added comfort, bungee cords or tie-downs for secure storage of your gear, and a smooth and stable glide for easy maneuverability through the water. By keeping these factors in mind, you can ensure that you select a suitable SUP for yoga that will enhance your practice and allow you to connect with nature like never before.

Features to consider when choosing a SUP for yoga:
Length: A longer board will be more stable, but it will also be more difficult to maneuver.
Width: A wider board will be more stable, but it will also be slower.
Rocker: The rocker is the curve of the board from front to back. A board with a lot of rocker will be more maneuverable, but it will also be less stable.
Material: SUP boards are typically made from either fiberglass, inflatable PVC, or solid foam. Fiberglass boards are the most durable, but they are also the heaviest. Inflatable PVC boards are the lightest, but they are also the least durable. Solid foam boards are a good compromise between durability and weight.
Stability: The stability of a SUP board is important for yoga, as you will be doing a lot of balancing. A board with a lot of width and a flat bottom will be more stable.

How to choose the right SUP board for your level of experience

Here are some tips for choosing the right SUP board for your level of experience:

  • If you are a beginner, you will want a board that is stable and easy to maneuver.
  • If you are an intermediate or advanced practitioner, you can choose a board that is more maneuverable and has a bit less stability.
  • If you are planning on doing a lot of yoga on your SUP board, you will want a board that is specifically designed for yoga. These boards typically have a wider platform and a more stable design.

A few of the best SUP boards for yoga

Bote Floof Aero – An all-around board with a full deck. Inflatable 11’ board with good maneuverability and stability while sturdy enough to be a go anywhere inflatable stand up paddle board (iSUP).

Activ MSL Inflatable Yoga Paddle Board from Red-Equipment – specifically designed for yoga enthusiasts comes in at 10’8” and has a board width of 34”. They have increased the board thickness on this selection as to decrease wash over so you stay dry during your workout.

BlueFin Aura Fit iSUP is our favorite budget stand up paddle board for yogs. At 10’8” its rounded design inclucing head and tail gives this board good surface area for all of your yoga positions. Easy to maneuver making it a great budget conscious board for beginners to the sport.

Summary of the best SUP boards for yoga

When it comes to stand up paddle boards for yoga, there are countless options on the market. However, not all SUPs are created equal when it comes to practicing yoga on the water. Based on extensive research, these are the best SUPs for yoga. The top choice is the Bote Flood Aero. It’s stable, lightweight, and offers plenty of deck space for yoga poses. Another great option is the Red Paddle Co. Activ. It’s designed specifically with yoga in mind and has a comfortable deck pad. For those on a budget, the SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is a great choice. It’s affordable, stable, and comes with a paddle and pump. Whichever SUP for yoga you choose, make sure it has a stable platform and a comfortable deck pad for optimal experiences.