Stand Up Paddle Board Racks

Paddle board storage racks are an important part of paddleboard ownership. They provide a secure, convenient way to store your paddleboard and keep it safe from damage or theft. Whether you’re storing your paddleboard at home or taking it out on the water, having a paddle board storage rack is essential for ensuring its longevity.

SUP-Racks have a variety of paddle board storage rack options that are perfect for accommodating any paddleboard size and style. Wall mountable paddle board storage racks can hold up to two paddleboards at once and feature adjustable height settings to accommodate different sized boards with ease. There are also free standing SUP racks that can be easily moved around if your paddleboard needs to be stored on a dock or in your garage.

Man Stand up Paddle Board Racing
Stand Up Paddle Board Racing

Paddle board racks are usually made from high-quality materials and come with an easy-to-follow assembly guide for quick installation. They’re designed to provide maximum stability and security, so you can be sure that your paddleboard is safe and secure while it’s stored away.

Companies such as Buck Woodcraft make paddle board storage racks that are reliable, durable, and built to last. They are made from Starboard and are prefect for instillation on docks, piers and really any level surface. Perfect for touring paddle boards and racing paddle boards alike. These paddleboard storage racks are highly recommended and you can find them here Touring Paddle Board SUP Storage Racks | Easy Touring SUP Storage (

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